‘Good Company’ travels back in time with Faire Tyme Toys

‘Good Company’ travels back in time with Faire Tyme Toys

Friday, September 13, 2013

​Having successfully wrapped their journey around the western side of U.S., the crew of “Good Company” packed up and made their way back east. After traveling more than 2,500 miles to reach the sixth and final stop on the first leg of the tour, Darth and the crew rolled into Fort Loudoun State Historic Area in Vonroe, Tenn. Once there, they met the team of Faire Tyme Toys, a historic toy-making company, who were participating in one of their many historic reenactment events.

Although filming took place in Tennessee, Faire Tyme Toys actually hails from Chatham, Ontario – making it the only Canadian business to be featured on “Good Company.” As if they were transported back in time, the cameras and crew not only captured a firsthand look at a French and Indian War reenactment, but they were also treated to some awesome history lessons that kept them completely interested and engaged – just as they were designed to do.

The team behind Faire Tyme Toys consists of Jim Gilbert, John Skakel, Shelia Gibbs and Lisa Gilbert. Between these four, background experience and knowledge on their craft goes above and beyond. Historians, teachers, authors, reenactors, researchers and of course master toy and doll makers – just to name a few areas of expertise. Needless to say, they know what they’re doing.   

For the last 15 years, Faire Tyme Toys has recreated more than 100 games and toys that were popular during the 1700s and 1800s. What started out as a simple way to help children become involved and interested in learning about history, has now erupted into educated fun for all ages. By creating products that are unique and require the use of imaginations, the crowds drawn by the team of Faire Tyme Toys are awe-inspiring.  In the end, they’re main goal is for children to know that history isn’t irrelevant and that the past is not all about boring dates and wars.

“I guess making toys and games from 200 years ago is a bit different and unique,” Gilbert told The Chatham Daily News in a recent interview regarding their appearance on “Good Company”. “We certainly have a niche market. One must never forget that whatever is old often becomes new again,”

Faire Tyme Toys has attracted interest from museums, living history sites and individuals from all over the world. While most profits come from selling their products, their love for the interacting and educating people at historic reenactments is the main driving force behind their success story. 

“These folks don’t do it for the money, which makes their story so much better,” said director Daniel Maitland. “They are successful because they love what they do.”  

MultiView and the “Good Company” crew would like to thank the entire Faire Tyme Toys team for their cooperation and providing such an educational experience. Don’t forget to follow along with the Good Company crew at  as they continue their road trip around the country as they dive further into the world of unique American businesses.

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