‘Good Company’ enjoys craft beer and sunshine in San Francisco

‘Good Company’ enjoys craft beer and sunshine in San Francisco

Friday, August 30, 2013

​Stop number four has officially wrapped, and what a perfect location for it to have been. What better way to start off the holiday weekend than with a cold beer in sunny 70-degree weather on the West Coast? The crew of “Good Company” experienced an awesome coincidence when the filming schedule collided with the last weekend of summer and included beautiful weather and the streets of San Francisco.  

Setting up shop for a few days and working during the beginning of Labor Day weekend wasn’t nearly as difficult when the company being filmed just so happened to be a brewery – 21st Amendment Brewery to be exact. Aptly named after the repeal of Prohibition, this brewpub has not only become a staple in San Francisco, but is also making quite the name for itself in the beer industry with distribution of unique craft beers now reaching 17 states, including Alaska. 

Since its start in 2000, co-founders Shaun O’Sullivan and Nico Freccia have made it their mission to celebrate the culture of great breweries of the past by making unique, hand crafted beers, great food and providing an atmosphere than encourages a sense of community. With backgrounds in business, the restaurant industry and a mutual passion for the beer culture, these two brewmasters have created drinks and eats that honor and integrate history from all regions of the U.S.

“As business partners, Shaun and Nico work off each other incredibly well,” said producer Will Kamp. “They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and make them a great team.”

From Portland to Boston, microbreweries are helping transform entire neighborhoods by bringing culture, night life and community back to vacant industrial parks and troubled neighborhoods. Once a thriving beer-brewing port, the Bay Area is again emerging as a craft beer destination, introducing the centuries-old process to a new generation of beer drinkers and energizing redevelopment efforts.  The same goes for 21st Amendment Brewery which was a catalyst for the revitalization of the South of Market district in San Francisco – also known as the home to the San Francisco
Giants, which brings in loyal brewery patrons from both inside and outside of the city.

“We’ve always wanted to be a part of the revitalization that’s occurring within a neighborhood,” O’Sullivan said.

At this rate, they’ll be playing an integral part in many neighbors to come. Thanks to their awarding-winning beers and unique philosophy, 21st Amendment is rapidly expanding their distribution and brewery. 

MultiView and would like to thank the team at 21st Amendment for opening their doors (and a few cans of craft beer) for the “Good Company” cameras and crew. Don’t forget to follow along with the Good Company crew at  as they continue their road trip around the country as they dive further into the world of unique American businesses.

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