Filming on Avian Fashions’ episode of ‘Good Company’ takes off

Filming on Avian Fashions’ episode of ‘Good Company’ takes off

Friday, October 04, 2013

After having some fun in Florida, the “Good Company” crew loaded up Darth and headed north to Stafford, Va., not too far outside of Washington D.C. Once they arrived to the home of the 10th company on the tour, the crew came face-to-face with the real-life inspirations behind the entire purpose of the business – pet birds. 

Mark and Lorraine Moore, retired U.S. Navy officers and bird enthusiasts, are the innovators behind Avian Fashions, a company solely dedicated to serving bird owners and their pets. As the proud owners of multiple birds, the Moores know a thing or two about how messy it can get living with their feathered friends. Lorraine was determined to keep her birds out of their cages and give them more freedom, while Mark was determined to stop constantly cleaning up after them. And with those driving forces, the idea of the bird diaper was born.  

After numerous attempts, and recruiting the seamstress talents of a good friend, the Moores finally had their solution – the FlightSuit™.  Although they initially faced skeptics about putting diapers on birds, they were determined to get the word out about their aptly named product. Thanks to the Internet, the FlightSuit™ has taken off and left bird lovers around the world not only happier, but a whole lot cleaner.  

The FlightSuit™ and accessory factory, which started in the Moores kitchen, has since moved to their basement and acquired quite the talented workforce.Lorraine’s staff is made up mostly of friends from around the neighborhood who are dedicated to fulfilling all of their customers’ requests for the smallest to the largest birds – and even ducks too!

“What makes this company so great is the amount of dedication and commitment that goes into it,” said producer Will Kamp. “They do this because they love birds and want the best for other owners and their pets. And that shows in their customer service – they go above and beyond.”  

Even though they’ve hit it big with the FlightSuit™, the team and masterminds behind this business have kept the success coming. They also proudly offer leashes, harness, toys, costumes, hoodies and more. With all these products, it’s no surprise that they’ve racked up some serious media attention from around the world.  

“We’ve had our fair share of at least six or seven film crews come out, but not even close to this,” said owner Mark Moore of the Darth and the “Good Company” crew. “I was certainly impressed.” 

MultiView would like to thank Mark and Lorraine Moore for opening their home to the “Good Company” crew and contributing to the production of their episode . Don’t forget to follow along with the Good Company crew at  as they continue their road trip around the country as they dive further into the world of unique American businesses.  

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